Basic Sample Social Media Text

Make it your own–add your hours, online ordering and pick-up information, current offerings, other ways fans can show support, shout-out your brewery neighbors and encourage folks to make a Curbside Crawl, etc.


Small and independent businesses need support now more than ever, which is why @TXcraftbrewers is asking Texans to #SupportLocal and go on a #GreatTexasBeerRun this Thurs-Sun! Come see us for #BeerToGo! Order online (URL)


Small and independent businesses need support now more than ever. April 23-26, the Texas Craft Brewers Guild is asking you to go on a #GreatTexasBeerRun to restock your fridge with beer from small and independent breweries! Order (beer formats/food/pantry staples?) online at (URL) and come and see us for contactless curbside pickup!

Want to support local without leaving your couch? We also have merch and giftcards available on our website so you can rep (brewery name) on your next Zoom Happy Hour and join us for some beers when we can open the taps back up.

Great Texas Beer Run FAQ

What is the Great Texas Beer Run?

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on small and independent craft breweries, with the average Texas Craft Brewers Guild member currently experiencing a 71 percent revenue decline. With taprooms across the state closed to on-premise guests, and breweries relying on a “new normal” of only Beer-To-Go sales, the Great Texas Beer Run is a campaign to encourage Texans to support their favorite local brewers while limiting person-to-person contact. Use The Great Texas Beer Run to raise additional awareness for your takeout, curbside pickup, or drive-thru Beer-To-Go sales, and/or encourage your followers to go on a “Virtual Beer Run” by supporting brewers with online gift cards, merchandise, virtual event tickets, etc.

When is the Great Texas Beer Run?

In order to maximize media coverage and social media awareness with a big concerted push (but also spread out the love over several days so breweries can continue to encourage social distancing in their pickup procedures), the Great Texas Beer Run will officially run Thursday, April 23rd through Sunday April 26th

Want to keep the Great Texas Beer Run rollin’ after the big weekend? Un-dated graphics are also available for download.

How can my Texas craft brewery participate?

Download the attached graphics and begin promoting the Great Texas Beer Run anytime between Monday, April 20th, and the kick-off on the 23rd. Our friends at Guerrilla Suit have developed assets for your posts and stories, as well as headers that can be used for your profiles, email blasts, etc.

Use the sample social media copy above and/or customize your messaging to include your operating hours, online ordering details, new beers, other breweries in your neighborhood your fans should also hit up while they’re out on their beer runs, etc.

If you’re not currently offering beer-to-go, or looking to give your fans more options to support you while social distancing, feel free to also encourage your followers to make a “virtual beer run” and support your brewery by purchasing gift cards, merchandise, tickets to a virtual beer tasting, donating to a virtual tip jar for staff, etc.

What if I don’t sell gift cards online, but I’d like to?

Consider getting listed on For small businesses who already have online stores, the website simply redirects folks to that link. Businesses who do not already sell their gift cards online can get set up to do so on the site for free via Shopify or Square.