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Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold Brewing Company will match it!

Brock Wagner
(Photo Courtesy of Tony Drewry)

These have been challenging times for everyone and especially difficult for many members of the Texas craft brewing community.  These challenges are why Texas craft brewers being involved in this upcoming legislative session is more important than ever.

CraftPAC – the PAC arm of members of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild as well as the craft beer loving public – has become an important tool for this.  We need donations to CraftPAC now for the upcoming elections.  To help this effort, I will match any CraftPAC donation made this week from breweries that sell less than 10,000 bbls per year and from the craft beer loving community. 

Why is this critical?  Even in years where we may not have a big ask, protecting our hard fought victories of the past decade is important.  The best example of this is while we gained the right to on premise sales and distribution for brewpubs in 2013 and the right to off premise sales in 2019, in 2017 a set of nonsensical restraints on our rights were instituted that limit how our breweries can grow and created no positive value to anyone in Texas. 

With the global pandemic there is sure to be a lot of legislation being proposed this session, some which may have positive effects and some with unintended negative effects on breweries and we need to make sure we have a voice in the process.  This has been highlighted by the struggles of Texas breweries to find ways to legally serve the public over the past four months.

Please consider making a donation.  And if you have a brewery producing more than 10,000 bbls, I plan on just calling you and guilting you into making your own donation.


Brock Wagner
Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Sorry. This matching campaign period has now ended. But, you can still make a standard contribution to CraftPAC below!

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