Raise a Glass Day 2022

Raise a Glass & Contribute to CraftPAC

Outgoing Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, Charles Vallhonrat, will match it!

Charles Vallhonrat

It has been an honor to work for the Texas Craft Brewers Guild for the last ten years, and while I am stepping away from the day-to-day operations of the Guild, my support of this amazing industry won’t be diminished. In fact, I will continue to support CraftPAC as a board member and treasurer. And, of course, with money.

Why? Because protecting and extending brewery rights in our out-of-balance alcoholic beverage system in Texas is tantamount to extending the rights of the beer drinker – my new day-to-day role. And, this upcoming legislative session could not be more important from the perspective of bolstering the Guild’s legislative influence for the next ten years.

With last years’ legislative redistricting, an activity that happens every ten years, the 2023 legislative session will see numerous freshman legislators who are largely uneducated on the state’s alcoholic beverage policies. Establishing long-term relationships with these new legislators during their first year could not be more important.

So, we are asking you to donate $10 to CraftPAC to help Texas craft breweries set the table for the next 10 years with the Texas legislature.



Leave a lasting impact, just as Charles did, and consider donating $10 (or more!) to the CraftPAC. Make your contribution below!


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