Become an Advocate for Local Craft Beer!

Texas became the last state in the union to legalize Beer-To-Go in 2019, and while this was a huge victory, we still have work to do!

We want to make sure that we can continue fighting for a small business friendly market for independent breweries and we need your help to unstack the deck against these small local businesses. Opening up sensible rights held by breweries in other states helps create favorable business conditions for Texas breweries to compete in both local and national markets. Beer-To-Go was one of the most important of these for us and without it passing in 2019 we might have lost even more Texas breweries and brewpubs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Texas breweries have become not only employers and tax payers in their communities, but also serve as community gathering sites and often work with local charities and groups to better the communities they are located in. You can be a part of this effort to help your favorite local breweries thrive in Texas.

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