Today, CraftPAC, the political action committee of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, is proud to announce state legislative endorsements for the 2020 Texas general election. 

Coming off the heels of a landmark 2019 legislative session in which Texas craft breweries gained the right to sell Beer-To-Go, and saw numerous positive changes to the state’s arcane beer laws under the TABC Sunset Bill, the lawmakers CraftPAC is endorsing today have a proven track record of supporting the advancement of the Texas craft brewing industry through their key votes in favor of this important legislation and a continued willingness to sit down, listen, and engage on the issues that matter to small and independent brewers.

The craft brewing industry is responsible for more than $5 billion in economic impact for the state of Texas and the creation of 30,000+ jobs, but prolonged shutdowns of brewery taprooms and on-premise retail accounts during the COVID-19 crisis have left the industry facing immense challenges. As a result, Beer-To-Go sales, which would not be legal for Texas manufacturing breweries today were it not for the support of these legislators in 2019, are currently the only thing keeping many brewery taprooms afloat. 

As we look toward the 2021 legislative session and the Texas craft brewing industry’s recovery from this unprecedented crisis, CraftPAC is proud to endorse the following legislators who have stood by our industry in previous sessions and we look forward to their continued leadership in the Texas Legislature.


Carol Alvarado
SD 6

Brian Birdwell
SD 22

Dawn Buckingham
SD 24

Pete Flores
SD 19

Bryan Hughes
SD 1

Lois Kolkhorst
SD 18

Borris Miles
SD 13

José Menéndez
SD 26

Jane Nelson
SD 12

Larry Taylor
SD 11

Drew Springer
9/29 Special Election
SD 30


Alma Allen
HD 131

Steve Allison
HD 121

Rafael Anchia
HD 103

Charles “Doc” Anderson
HD 56

Michelle Beckley
HD 65

Cecil Bell
HD 3

Diego Bernal
HD 123

Kyle Biedermann
HD 73

Rhetta Bowers
HD 113

Brad Buckley
HD 54

John Bucy
HD 136

Briscoe Cain
HD 128

Gina Calanni
HD 132

Terry Canales
HD 40

Giovanni Capriglione
HD 98

Travis Clardy
HD 11

Sheryl Cole
HD 46

Tom Craddick
HD 82

John Cyrier
HD 17

Sarah Davis
HD 134

Joe Deshotel
HD 22

Gary Gates
HD 28

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins
HD 120

Jessica González
HD 104

Vikki Goodwin
HD 47

Sam Harless
HD 126

Cody Harris
HD 8

Cole Hefner
HD 5

Gina Hinojosa
HD 49

Donna Howard
HD 48

Celia Israel
HD 50

Jarvis Johnson
HD 139

Julie Johnson
HD 115

Phil King
HD 61

Stephanie Klick
HD 91

Matt Krause
HD 93

Stan Lambert
HD 71

Ray Lopez
HD 125

Will Metcalf
HD 16

Theresa “Terry” Meza
HD 105

Mayes Middleton
HD 23

Ina Minjarez
HD 124

Christina Morales
HD 145

Geanie Morrison
HD 30

Victoria Neave
HD 107

Tom Oliverson
HD 130

Leo Pacheco
HD 118

Chris Paddie
HD 9

Tan Parker
HD 63

Jared Patterson
HD 106

Dennis Paul
HD 129

Mary Ann Perez
HD 144

Ana-Maria Ramos
HD 102

Eddie Rodriguez
HD 51

Ramon Romero
HD 90

Jon Rosenthal
HD 135

Scott Sanford
HD 70

Matt Schaefer
HD 6

Carl Sherman
HD 109

Reggie Smith
HD 62

Drew Springer
HD 68

Lynn Stucky
HD 64

Valoree Swanson
HD 150

James Talarico
HD 52

Shawn Thierry
HD 146

Ed Thompson
HD 29

Senfronia Thompson
SD 141

Tony Tinderholt
HD 94

Steve Toth
HD 15

John Turner
HD 114

James White
HD 19

Terry Wilson
HD 20

Erin Zwiener
HD 45